Previous procurements

Invitation to tender of educational films

Restoration/renovation planning of the former Liberty Summer Manors Egbert, Egon and Vana-Lyberty

Finding persons for investigating buildings and performing monitoring

Hot-wire anemometer

Timber moisture meter and universal temperature-hygrometer

Device for specifying wood hardness and density with needle-punch method

Ultrasound device and measuring nozzles

Public procurement of the fittings for the laboratory of beetle and fungal damages

Temperature and humidity logger


Air analysers

Renting laboratories and office space

Invitation to tender for the performance of Fabbi training

Restoring the ceiling-beams of beetle-damaged St. Olaf’s Church in Vormsi

Designing partial reinforcement for Ruhnu stone church tower

Invitation to tender of pest control and construction work of the chancel of Reomäe Orthodox Church

Public procurement – Beetle control of the wooden constructions and details of Ruhnu stone church and reinforcement work of the tower