• A book was published “Hoonete puitkahjustused” (Biodeterioration of Buildings) (As Atlex, 2012), authors Kurmo Konsa and Kalle Pilt;
  • A seminar was conducted in Petrozavodsk on which a collection of reports was published “Fungi and beetles in historic timber structures in Northern Europe”, publisher: the Interreg IV A Project “Fungi and beatles in buildings on islands of Baltic Sea”, Forest Research Institute, Karelian Research Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences, The Kizhi state open-air museum of history, architecture and ethnography;
  • Three educational films were created in cooperation with the non-profit organisation Reval Photo&Video:
    • Insect Damage in Wood
    • Fungal Damage in Wood
    • Treatment Methods of Wood Fungus and Insect Damage in Buildings
  • The article “Sustainable Opportunities for Restoring Biodeteriorated Wooden Structures by the Example of Ruhnu New Church Tower” was published, Yearbook of Cultural Heritage 2012, author Kalle Pilt
  • The article “Wood-destroying Insects in Buildings” was published, magazine Keskkonnatehnika, 4/13, pp. 20-25. Authors Kalle Pilt and Uwe Noldt;
  • The article “Mould as a Biological Threat to Buildings”, magazine Keskkonnatehnika, 3/13, pp. 26-28. Authors Ave Sadam and Ene Indermitte;
  • The article “Ambivalent Problems of Internal Climate” was published, magazine Keskkonnatehnika, 2/13, pp. 26-27. Authors Kalle Pilt and Marko Teder;
  • The manual “Wood-destroying Insects and their Monitoring” was published, authors Dr. Uwe Noldt and Dr. Guna Noldt;
  • Special conditions of cultural heritage and the main project for restoring the beetle damaged roof beams of St Olaf’s Church in Vormsi (architectural monument no. 15598) were prepared. Prepared by Kalle Pilt, revised by Joosep Metslang.
  • Special conditions were composed for Ruhnu wooden church: the action plan of beetle attack monitoring. Prepared by Joosep Metslang, Marike Laht and Kalle Pilt.
  • Special conditions were composed for Ruhnu wooden church: the beetle attack monitoring, control and partial restoration of the church. Prepared by Joosep Metslang, Marike Laht and Kalle Pilt;