Ahvenamaa seminar ja töötoad 20.-24. august 2012

Mon 20.8

08.30 We meet everybody in Övernäsgården and talk about the program for the week.

Go to The Air-port after Uwe o Guna

Ca 09.45 Goes to Thuna-gården (house in the project)

11.15 Eckerö Post and customer house in Eckerö There we also have lunch

Ca 12.25  Labbas district museum (also in Eckerö)

13.30 Finströms church (If we have time)

14.15 Saltviks church (house in the project)

15.15 Jan Karlsgården Open Air Museum (one house in the project) Coffe brake

16.30  Bomarsund fort ( I hope we have guide with us)

Ca 17.45  Sunds church (If we have time)

Ca 18.45 Pic-nic dinner in Carolas garden in Godby (We have a garage if it start raining!!)

Tue 21.8

09.00 from Mariehamn to Kastelholm
Short visit to Carola´s work

09.45 King´s country estate in Kastelholm (one house in the project)

Start 10.45 from Kastelholm – Hummelvik

Ferry 12.00 to Enklinge Kumlinge

Lunch on the ferry.

13.00 Hermas Open air Museum Coffe brake ca 14.30 (two houses in the project)

16.30 Ferry back to Hummelvik   - 18.30 back to Mariehamn

19.45 ca dinner together in Mariehamn Mybe in the övernäsgården

Wen 22.8

09.30 Seminarie “Fungis and beetles in Baltic Islands”(separate program)

Lunch in Mariehamn 12.30 – 13.30

13.30 – ca 15.00 After lunch planed work-shop

18.30 Official dinner in Mariehamn

Thu 23.8

Excursion to Kökar

Drive 08.15 from Mariehamn – Långnäs
Ferry 09.15 to Kökar

11.40 – 17.35 in Kökar

Kökar district museum

Kökar church and the rest of Franciskaner monestery

We eat lunch on Kökar.

Ferry back to Långnäs 17.35 – 20.05 Back in Mariehamn 21.00

There is food on the ferry both ways.

Fri 24.8